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Visual Thinking

Seeing is believing.

A lot of people tell me they can’t draw. Visualisation boards don’t work for them because they are not ‘arty’ enough. At school they were told, it wasn’t for them.

Well, not many of us can capture a vase of flowers like Van Gogh or a garden scene like Claude Monet, but i’d say most people reading this can draw a relatively straight line. If you don’t believe me, try it now on a spare piece of paper.

Well done.
No matter how shakey it was-you did it! Congratulations you can draw.
That’s actually all it takes to be able to start this journey and take advantage of all it has to offer, and let me tell you, that’s a lot.

Let me ask you, have you ever noticed how much easier pictures are to understand than words? Think about signs on the road, design logos, we use pictures to sell products, colours to entice If there were a bunch of words and a bunch of pictures, experts like author of ‘The Back of The Napkin’, Dan Roam say, you will remember the pictures not words.
But why?
The simple answer is our brain is more stimulated by the pictures, than the complexity of words. Words, even the most beautiful ones, only stimulate the left side of your brain (the logical side), while using images stimulates the creative right side as well. So all parts of the human brain are switched on. You see the advantages of that when you are coming up against creative warfare. See previous Blog.

I will add this caution to that, words are important too. Just ask William Edgar Allan Poe or even Jane Austin. But business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of getting their complex messages across to members of staff quickly, they don’t have time to sit down a pen Pride and Prejudice. So the easiest way to do that? Design that message through images.

This works for the overall business model and designing a new strategy for your existing business or perhaps you are just starting out. But taking the steps to visualise the direction you want your business to go, can sometimes stimulate creativity and ideas you didn’t even think were possible.

Through the workshops i hold i see this on a weekly basis and it’s pretty gratifying to see people take that step. And a step forward for their company.

To prove my point, take this one small step. Try ‘dinky doodling’.
This could be your starting point for change.

Think of a problem you have, whether it’s at work or at home. Take a few minutes and doodle the main players in the situation and draw what a possible solution might look like.
Try this everyday for a week…even try ‘dinky doodling’ in the morning about how your day will look, maybe doodle your diary. It works and could unlock the creativity you’ve been hiding since’s time to get arty!


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