Why Chicago for Business Models Inc? from Marc McLaughlin on Vimeo.

This city has something special, not only the usual stuff which makes a place cool, like all the latest shops, restaurants and museums, which it has. But it has a soul. Soul is good in my opinion.


That is clear to see through the hearts of the people who make this city beat to a new entrepreneurial tune.


Enterprise has always been here, that’s the reason it has grown from just a few hundred people to a metropolis of almost 3 million in a small matter of 150 years. You don’t get that kind of growth without great minds to help make that happen and it’s clear that concept is still inspiring people today.


The more I find out about the city the more I like and realize why so many influential people and companies have made this home at one time or are still here.


29 of the fortune 500 have headquarters here, why? The obvious economic factors are one reason, it’s 30 % cheaper to live here than in the so called bigger cities of San Francisco and New York.


But that’s not the only reason, these guys know the importance of location and cost wouldn’t be the only factor. Its geographical position doesn’t hurt, perched half way between the east and west of the country means executives don’t have to waste as much time in transit. This is progress.

There are the industrial factors, in the sense that there’s not one major player in this city. It’s a sort of ‘jack of all trades’, but seems to still master the ones that are here. Manufacturing, finance, publishing and consultancy all live in a sort of steel & concrete harmony. But personally I don’t think that’s the reason.


There’s a certain something about this city that embraces innovation. I have my own thoughts on why that is. Coming from post-industrial Scotland, the west of the country to be precise, I have seen this first hand in my own city of Glasgow. People have a certain work ethic, they who tend to work hard, talk straight, they want to progress, but don’t tend to take themselves too seriously. That appeals to me and that’s why i’ve chosen to immerse myself in this city and explore what it has to offer, or more importantly what I can bring.


I believe Chicago is facing forward and taking leaps to progress even further. I’m exciting by the rise in start-ups and I’ve been encouraged with the attitude of the people I’ve spoken to and their ability to understand the need for creative disruption. Chicago already seems steps ahead of some of the other major cities in the world in that respect. The interest and enthusiasm people have shown towards my work with Business Models Inc has been tangible and people seem very open to innovation and are not afraid to try something new. I hope to be able to inspire more to do the same.


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